Daniell Mesquita's dual-token(S)

Personal token of the world's first tokenized youtuber, and one of the 255 first to issue its personal token, early in january 2019.

It's the world's first personal DUAL-TOKEN. DANI+DANIMESQ are multi-use utility tokens to be either used to purchase my premium content (comics, arts, videos, music, etc - accompained of NFTs), advertise on such products and/or to pay my freelance works. Every token of the two, are used for their own purposes and can be exchanged between.
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About me

25 yo voice/video actress (and decentralized "youtuber"), drawer, technology/network enthusiast, designer, programmer, cyber activist, bitcoiner, book/post/article writer and anything where I put my autistic creativity.

The first brazillian and the first youtuber to get tokenized; maybe also other categories, as I'm the 223th person to get tokenized on PersonalTokens (before existing Roll and meTokens), and one of the world's 225 first.

I believe on the value of my own token (and on the value of personal tokens for everyone who produces good things), so I accept DANIMESQ tokens as payment.

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Know the tokens ↓


These utility tokens will be yours and owned by your private key. Most of DANI/DANIMESQ services will be available as soon as possible (and you can already use some of them, such as buying crypto art) and will be announced on this site, my own site and my social medias.

DANI and DANIMESQ are not an investment offer or an investment contract, they are not designed to offer profits or voting rights to its holder.

Closely, know every side of the DUAL-TOKEN

The tokens:

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News Log:

  • 2019, January 12: DANIMESQ contract launch
  • 2019, January 26: DANIMESQ Airdrop

  • 2020, March 15: opened DANIMESQ UniSwap liquidity pool

  • 2020, April 2: DANIMESQ official site and BitcoinTalk announcement

  • 2020, May 20, 4:39pm: Started an OpenSea auction for "Animal's Handshake" crypto art, for 1,000 DANIMESQ
  • 2020, May 20, 8:26pm: Shared the DANIMESQ's pioneers distribution program's spreadsheet
  • 2020, May 20, 10:41pm +UTC: Created the DANIMESQ pool in UniSwap v2

  • 2020, May 22: Started distributing DANIMESQ for helpful things, such as explaining me how CryptoVoxels wearables do works
  • 2020, May 22, 2:58am: Airdropping 100 DANIMESQ for joining the Discord server
  • 2020, May 22, 4:29am: Announced the previews of the Zoca comics, which will be available as NFTs to be purchased with DANIMESQ

  • 2020, May 23, 1:00am: Launched the referral campaign as part of the DANIMESQ's Pioneers distribution program
  • Stay tuned when Daniell Mesquita's dual-token launches something new

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