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♡ ﮩ٨ـﮩﮩ٨ـ Health

🍬 Glucose: 74

Fasting: true

🗒 Note:

Date: GMT-3 13:20 18/07/2024 (dd-mm-yyyy)


🟥 Blood Pressure: 104 (sys), 59 (dia), 67 (pul)

🗒 Note:

Date: GMT-3 13:24 19/07/2024 (dd-mm-yyyy)


🪽 Weight: 61,7

Fasting: true

🗒 Note:

Date: GMT-3 13:10 20/07/2024 (dd-mm-yyyy)

"Real-time" data fetched from: /home/daniella/[...]/HealthLog

HealthLog's latest commit CID: QmSz8WqCN8ZBVp9sPVxrCE8fYMG5x4QX4GL9VcyrjSS8My

Detailed Commit CID variants:

Latest commit CID (files-only): QmcsHNPNPGeHw2h549M1xb1ZBeXmPktKQnTKnjbUdV9ZNf

Latest commit CID (with sha1): QmV935MLymKTKKtC3WNfmDuE73aJaC3qGmbmrWjE2p4T3T

Git commit CIDs' feature powered by 01VCS' git-meta v2.

⏺️🖭🗣️🎵 Recordings

CID of the latest (as of May 04 2024) .root.folderstamp: QmZQpascGghoYr7W89tcCqXXAqhYpgnMqBEVxyDvTF9x8b

Files of interest: .root.folderstamp .root.folderstamp.log.html5 recordings.folderstamp.txt

The above 3 files have been stored immutably bellow:

⛓️‍💥🌳💎 Blockchain Registration: tx://59144.0xf4aefb88e9804128555f6f455ffa4b342dbd924f35e99c5627a2302dad6b762a

💡 Why the root folderstamp is important: this represents the root hash/CID, so if a recording of my routine is manipulated, it will differ from the hash of the .folderstamp* that included it, so affecting the .root.folderstamp that includes the hash/CID of all of these .folderstamps.

For the above to stay true, considering no recording was damaged, it is of utmost importance preserving my /TmpRecordingsRepo/ local repo. Soon I'll create a public repository for it on

ℹ️ What recordings are being protected: all from 2024-2023, most from 2022-2021, some from 2020-2019, few from 2017. None from 2018 and 2016 due to a Seagate 2TB external HDD bought in 2017 left appropriated by a landowner in Curitiba - PR. Some from 2017 and most from 2020-2019's recovery will depend on having time to work on restoring data from a lot of DVDs and Blurays I've used in 2019-2021, which were attempted to have ensured integrity through the MoAD/BoAD projects, which I want to resume->improve/renew sometime. Thankfully nowadays I got myself more experienced in data preserving, so the 2024-2019 files shouldn't have the same "luck" of the 2018-2016 ones.

Please note this process has not been automated yet - unlike the Health card in the left.

🗘 Last updated in sáb 20 jul 2024 17:33:28 -03 (updates every ~30 minutes).

Important: the auto-update feature isn't fully built, yet (although most of the progress has been achieved internally already).

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